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I have started a new website ( on which I am summarising articles published on the Chinese website  The Aisixiang (‘Love Thought’) site publishes articles by Chinese writers, academics and think tank specialists.  Some are written specially for the site, but others have been published before in journals or are based on talks given by the writers.

My summaries are followed by own comments (in English and Chinese) on the contents of the articles.

Several new articles are published each day on  The subject areas include: law, economics, politics, international relations, sociology, education, literature, history and philosophy.  The great majority of the articles published on the Aisixiang site are not available in English translation.  I have not yet come across any articles on the site that call for the overthrown of the Chinese Communist Party, so it is likely to be of limited interest to most ‘China watchers’.  However, the articles do contain criticisms of Chinese government and Party policy.  Some have no relevance at all to ideological issues, like one I read recently by a Professor at Beijing University about the development of Saint Augustine’s thinking on the Trinity.

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