A Visit to the Geological Museum of China in Beijing

During my visit to Beijing in June 2017, I visited the Geological Museum of China in the west central part of the city, near Xisi subway station.  This museum opened in 1959 and is showing its age, but it does contain many very interesting exhibits.  Some exhibits relate to the scientific aspects of geology (rocks of all kinds, mountain formation, earthquakes and so on), but much of the museum’s space is devoted to art works created from precious stones and gems, some of them very impressive.

I set out below some photos I took during my visit.


A typical display describing the formation of the Himalayas. Most of the displays in the Museum have descriptions in English as well.


Introduction to the gem display


A display of items made from agate


A rock crystal artwork


Artwork made from green jade from Xiuyan, Liaoning Province

IMG_6431 (1)

Artwork made from Dushan jade, from Dushan County in Guizhou Province

IMG_6440 (1)

Dinosaur egg fossils


A photo from Xi Jinping’s visit to the Museum in 2010

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