Tokyo: Parks and Museums

Tokyo is famous for its highly developed urban landscape of modern office and apartment high rises, elevated freeways and shopping districts.  It does have all of these things, but it is also a city of parks and museums, a number of which I discovered on a recent visit.  Photos below:

Men pruning tree

Men pruning tree in Rikugien Gardens

Tea house

Tsutsuji chaya (teahouse) in Rikugien Gardens

Chrysanthemum display

Chrysanthemum display at Rikugien Gardens

Gyoen Park Shinjuku

Gyoen Park, Shinjuku

Yokohama waterfront park

Yokohama Waterfront Park

Ueno Park map

Ueno Park Map

Lotus plants in lake

Lotus plants in Shinobazu Pond, next to Ueno Park

Itemachi Museum

Shitamachi Museum, next to Ueno Park (a museum about ‘ordinary life’ between 1867 and 1925)

Asian Museum

Toyokan Asian Museum in Ueno Park, part of the Tokyo National Museum complex

Woman, with pigment

‘Woman, with pigment’ (Chinese pottery figure from 2nd century BCE) in Toyokan Asian Museum

Fish painting

Carp – 1940 Japanese painting in Tokyo Fuji Art Museum at Hachioji in north-west Tokyo

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