Hendaye Sunsets…

Hendaye is a seaside town in the French Basque Country, located on the border between France and Spain. It is well known for its beautiful sunsets, a product of its location to the east of hills along the Bidassoa River… Read More ›

Blaming the Victims…

The Financial Times published an article yesterday entitled ‘Covid’s Health Legal Legacy Demands Radical Revamp of Welfare Systems’. It was written by an FT staff writer Kate Allen. Ms Allen argues that welfare systems and employers need to do more… Read More ›

We Are All Marxists Now

I have recently finished working through a Chinese textbook on linguistics (used in Chinese universities’ ‘Linguistics 101’ courses).  I found nothing particularly ideological about the textbook.  It did contain references to Russian linguists (along with western experts like Saussure and… Read More ›